Wedding Planning Services

Here is a comprehensive explanation of the wedding planning services I offer as well as their costs. But we can always talk about prices once we start the planning process if you are interested in either the partial or full service planning packages.

Week-Of Co-Ordination and Planning:
Why week-of? Because there is really no such thing as ‘day-of’ co-ordination. The week before the wedding is the most crucial moment. Vendors are finalising their schedules – who needs to show up where and when. When should the photographer’s assistant show up to the groom’s location for the pre-ceremony photos? What time does the limo need to arrive at the bride’s location to get her to the ceremony on time? All kinds of things occur in that last week prior to the wedding and it can be super stressful if you have to take care of it all yourself.

My week-of co-ordination and planning service allows you to concentrate on getting ready for the big day with plenty of sleep, and a lot less stress because you don’t have to worry about what will happen if the photographer has come down with the flu or the florist is running late because of unexpected traffic issues.


Price: Flat fee of $1200, but may also incur additional costs if travel/accommodation are involved.


Partial Planning:

Okay, so you’ve got the date, booked your venue and your celebrant, got the bridesmaids’ dresses, the wedding dress and the suits, but now you’re stuck and feeling a little overwhelmed. Never fear though, as I can step in at this point (or any point in your planning) and help you from here. I’ll make sure you’ve got the best deal for your venue/caterer etc an that you aren’t paying for things you don’t need. I’ll help break up those weird family arguments that always occur around weddings (usually because someone didn’t get something their way on their own day, and now want you do it so they can see their dream in reality).


Price: Booking fee of $200, then $50 per hour from then on.


Full Service Wedding Planning:

Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve (finally) got a ring on it, and you’re pretty sure you know when you’d like to get married, or at least have in mind some dates that work for you both. We’ll sit down and have a meet and greet first, to make sure we’re going to be compatible. This is just a quick chat where you’ll give me a few ideas about what you’d like at your wedding, and I’ll give you a few brief ideas on how we might incorporate those ideas.

After the meet and greet we move onto the full consultation stage. This is a good 1-2 hour chat I get to know you as a couple and just what you want in your wedding. This is the stage where I refer to the questionnaire I will have given you prior to this consultation and you’ll see some more in-depth planning ideas from me. At the end of this consultation you’ll make your decision as to whether you want to hire me or not.

Now that you’ve decided to hire me, we move onto the proposal and planning stages. After our consultation, I’ll send you a proposal full of venues, catering details, floral designers, cake artists, entertainment options, styling ideas, etc that will be based on what we discussed. You can agree with or veto what you like and don’t like and we’ll continue from there to plan and create your dream wedding.

There are two pricing packages for this service.

Package A Price: $2000 - $3500 + booking fee of $100. This package includes all wedding planning and free hire of any of my wedding décor items. This is the best package if you are on a budget or having a small, intimate wedding.

Package B Price: Booking fee of $150, then $50 per hour. This package is for those who don’t really know what they want, or know exactly what they want and it’s going to be extravagant or a big wedding.