Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

What exactly does a wedding planner do?

That really depends on what services you require. It can be as simple as day-of coordination ie. ensuring the celebrant is where they need to be, making sure the caterer is set up on time, the DJ has their cues. It can also be the full service - planning the whole wedding right down to the florist, caterer, cake, entertainment, set-up on the day, etc. 

Wedding planners help the bride (and groom) to choose, organise and create their dream wedding vision, and help with the trickier parts of weddings. Your planner should read vendor contracts before you sign them to ensure you are getting a good deal, handle any negotiations that are required (whether they are with a vendor, a supplier or a family member).


Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding or any big event can be very stressful. Not everyone has time to spend hours comparing caterers and florists and venues, when they are also trying to work, look after children/pets, deal with other day-to-day issues. How do you juggle all these things without feeling like your head is going to explode? This is where a wedding planner comes in – you sit down with her and let her know exactly what you want in your wedding and she does the hard work for you.

Your planner deals with the vendors, can help you deal with ‘helpful’ family members, organises set-up & clean-up and thinks of all the little things you didn’t even think you’d have to figure out. She can also help you tackle problems like who to invite and who not to invite, how to approach the idea of no children or no alcohol at your wedding, organise accommodation and transportation etc.


Can I save money by hiring a wedding planner?

Absolutely. Planners know how to save money without losing the feeling you are trying to achieve. It might be as simple as swapping your wedding to a different room at the same venue and dropping a few people off the guest list that might save you $1000s of dollars on your venue price.


I’ve already hired most of my vendors. Do I need a planner?

You don’t need a planner to hire your vendors, but you might need one to provide peace of mind on the big day itself. A planner can help sort out any issues that might arise – supplies not arriving on time, flowers going missing, technical problems – and you’ll never know that the issues occurred.


Why should I hire you instead of someone else?

I want my brides and grooms to relax and enjoy themselves on their big day. I don’t want them to notice if something has gone a bit pear-shaped in the background. I specialise in weddings for those who don’t have an enormous budget but still want an awesome wedding. If you hire me, no-one will notice that your wedding only cost you a quarter of what your cousin spent on theirs, and it’ll be even better because it’s yours. The wedding day should be about love, family and celebration – and that’s exactly what I want for my couples.


How much is hiring you going to cost?

I have included my standard pricing on the services page. However, these prices may vary depending on hours worked, travel, accommodation and of course your own circumstances. I have a set price for week-of co-ordination services, although again, if major travel or accommodation costs occur then I will add those in after speaking with you.


Do you charge for your consultations?

I don’t charge for my first consultation – this usually goes for 45 minutes to an hour tops, and is just a get-to-know-you type of conversation. We’ll cover the basics of who you are, what sort of wedding you want to have, and just chat about things casually. The second consultation is much more intensive and detailed and there is a consultation fee for that, which is an hourly rate.